Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Internet Connection Adantages – Brian M. Hazel


I have had the opportunity to do some traveling again.

I am most surprised by the fact that there are still many areas in the U.S.

that are not  ==> Connected by The Internet.

You begin to take things for granted when you live in
a well to do suburban subdivision.

Several years ago our fiber optic cables were implanted beneath our  terrain.
There are many rural areas that are at the mercy of
satellite dishes to simply ‘get online’.

A simple afternoon rainfall can disrupt a connection for hours on end.
With that also comes with almost no cell phone service or coverage.
Many of us have gotten so used to these services being on demand,
we couldn’t imagine ourselves without them.

The point I make is; make use of what you have very wisely.
If you are reading this, then you have many opportunities at
your fingertips that many do not.

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 Are you making the most out of the internet
 or are you using it for amusement only?
Using the internet as a tool of commerce is
the smartest activity since telecommuting.

As more people discover the power of connectivity,
the market grows exponentially.

It is almost as it is an ‘evergreen’ opportunity. 

As teenagers become young adults and as the use
of smartphones increases dramatically,
having a stake in this area of business is similar to beginning
a business in a western frontier town of late.

The real estate is cheap and plentiful,
and the concepts are just beginning to
become realized as staple industries.
This all very similar
to coal, lumber, aluminum and steel of the last industrial revolution.

History always most certainly repeats itself. 

Staking your claim now may be one of the
most insightful things one may accomplish in their lifetime.
Imagine the advantages of the settlers of the ‘old west’
had over the late comers whom where hesitant to venture out.

The difference with modern day prospecting
is that many of the most difficult hurdles have been traversed.

This has been done to make it easier to duplicate
what the pioneers had to endure.

Take advantage of these conveniences
as did many people did with the advent of
the steam locomotive instead of the wagon train.

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