Thursday, April 16, 2015

Domain Names - Expired Domains - Brian Hazel


When most people launch a web page, 

they purchase a domain name, 

which is the name of the website that also serves as the URL, or web address, 

that users are directed to find it. 

Examples of domain names are => ""

 These domains aren’t purchased indefinitely.

Instead, they are purchased only for a year or two at a time.

The original buyers of these domain names typically will be given
the first opportunity to renew them after the contracted time has expired.
If they don’t and nobody else buys them, then these domains are considered to be “expired”.

The Value of Expired Domains

Even after a domain has expired, it will still get visitors.
When they land on that page, they usually are directed to an error page.
Expired domains are one of the most lucrative investments on the

Internet because many expired domains already have lots of backlinks
already pointing to them.
So in many cases, there is already a consistent flow of traffic to these domains.
 But because there is no actual website to take advantage of this traffic, it is wasted.

Buying Expired Domains

Some expired domains can be purchased for as little as $7 per year.
After you purchase one, you can redirect it toward your affiliate link or
a CPA offer so that you can receive the benefit of all this
pre-created backlink traffic on autopilot.

If you are pointing the expired link you buy to an affiliate link,
choose an affiliate product that is in the same niche as the
expired domain so that your conversions are as high as possible.

Where to Find Expired Domains

Finding expired domains is simple.
The biggest provider of expired domains is
Go to their domain auction site to search for expired domains as well as those that are about to expire. GoDaddy even tells you how much traffic they receive, as well as the current bid price.

Expired domains generally cost between $10 and $50 year for popular domains.
Buy an expired domains with a lot of traffic that is similar
to your affiliate product or CPA offer niche, then redirect it
to your products or offer and all that monthly traffic is yours.

Getting the Most from Expired Domains
You can maximize the money you make with expired domains by identifying high value domains that are available for the lowest possible prices. When you win these auctions, relist them for auction and sell them to somebody else for more than you paid for them.

Parking Links on Expired Domains

Another option is to “park” links to your affiliate products or CPA offer on an expired domain.
This is done by inserting affiliate banners for products related to the expired domain.
You can park an expired domain for as little as $1 per month and
use those links to generate sales worth way more than the $12 per year you
are paying for that that particular site.

Exploiting expired domains is one way to achieve online marketing success.

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