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Binary Hybrid Wealth - YouTube - Brian Hazel


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with your YouTube account requires you to

focus on the same principles as any other Search Engine Optimization.

To maximize viewers, makes your YouTube videos as easy as possible for people to find it.

When you post a new video on YouTube, it is automatically converted Flash.
Search engines can’t see what’s inside most Flash files, especially video.
That’s why Google’s cached version of a YouTube page only shows
the text that accompanies the video, not the video itself.

Optimizing Tangential Content

You want to optimize your video’s surrounding content so that you can
 improve the page’s rank for your target keywords.

YouTube automatically generates meta tags for every new view page.
The name of the video becomes the title tag.

The description – which is found in the “more info” section – by default becomes the meta description tag.

And the YouTube tags become the content of the page’s meta keywords tag.

What you want to do is to post links to your YouTube pages.

Decide where you want to drive the traffic from your
YouTube channel/profile page, then link to those — such places as your

Facebook and Twitter pages — in order to expand your social media presence.

Don’t forget to include appropriate keywords in the name of the video,
and use the word “video” whenever it’s appropriate.

Video Titles

Your video’s title is the single most important piece of information
 that Google uses to index and rank your video.

For every video you post, create a unique,
keyword-rich description that includes a URL at the very beginning.

When you do this, even if the “more info” option is collapsed, visitors will still see your link.

Video Description

Your video’s description is the second most important indicator
to search engines of the video’s content, after the title.

So you want to include relevant keywords that tell search engines
what the video is about.

In the video’s description, it’s a good idea to provide video transcripts.
Search engines can’t see what’s in your video,
so they gather content data from the title, description, and tags.

When you have a full transcript of your video in the description,
it makes it easy for search engines to better understand what your video is about.

Other Linking Opportunities

YouTube offers a lot of captions and annotation features,
so add notes, subtitles, descriptions, and links directly
over the top of the video whenever possible.

For example, for every video, there are options for “Broadcasting and Sharing.”

Open commenting and embedding for each of your videos.
Just make sure you monitor these occasionally to prevent spam and inappropriate comments.

Another link-building option is to post your videos as responses to other popular videos,
piggybacking on the success of a viral video and diverting a portion of its visitors to your own content.

Drawing Attention to Your Video

The thumbnails that YouTube displays are actually screen shots
from the one quarter, half, and three quarters marks of each video.

When you create your video, place your logo or your most compelling
 image at each of these points because thumbnails have
a large impact in a video’s click-through.

You also want to make it as easy as possible for
other users to share your videos. Adjust your settings so
that all users are allowed to interact and embed your videos.

You might catch negative comments as a result, but as long as
 comments aren’t obscene, negative feedback can be just as
valuable for attracting traffic as positive comments because
a mixture of negative and positive comments makes the user experience more authentic.

Video marketing via your YouTube account is important to the success of your online marketing.

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