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Make Money Online - Blogging - Brian M. Hazel


Make Money Blogging

If Anyone is Serious About Competing => In the Online World... 

They will need to get a blog.

If you look at the major corporate giants they now
have a link to a blog on their website.
It is a secret that they are
trying to keep quiet. I will list below the reasons a blog is needed to
give you an advantage and it does not matter if you have a traditional
business, running a political campaign or a home based business.

A blog is used to interact with people, customers or prospects and it
gives the opportunity to build a relationship which puts you head and
shoulders above the competition.
When you build a relationship with the
people and they have your trust, magical things happen. According to a
recent survey, businesses that blog acquire 60% more customers as those
businesses that do not blog. As you may notice I reveal a lot about who I
really am in my blog.

A majority of businesses have websites and hire SEO guys to come in
and get them a high ranking in the search engines to drive more traffic
to them.
Did you know that a blog can virtually do the same thing
especially if you use a blog that already has a great viral platform?

Blogs are more likely to be shared on social websites such as Facebook,
LinkedIn and Twitter as opposed to a company website. People love blogs
but search engines love them even more.

Blogging reveals your strengths as an industry expert in the eyes of
the public. Blogging can build great PR and in my case, even land you
some interviews with local journalists which adds even more value and
credibility to you and your business. That also generates even more free
advertising. Are you seeing the benefits of blogging yet?

If you want instant feedback on what is working or not working in
your business, take it to your blog. The people who follow your blog
will give you valuable feedback that will keep you ahead of the
Your business is for your customers so why not get input
from them and by doing so you are making
your customers a part of your
team which makes them very loyal.

Blogging forces you to stay up to date within your industry. This
allows for you to be a better mentor and communicator to your audience
because you will know more about what is going on from writing your blog
A person that just comes in to run the business and does day to
day operations the same way every day is not going to know what is going
on or what is new within the industry most likely.

I have listed five of many reasons why you should have a blog in your
business. It does not matter what business you are in or what you are
doing as a blog puts you out there.
 People will come to you and look at
you as the expert in whatever field you are in.
People will build trust
with you and become loyal to you and your business.
The best though is
you will get more traffic, more trust, more leads and more sales
ultimately from having a blog.



StumbleUpon – Binary Hybrid Wealth - Brian M. Hazel



Using StumbleUpon to Promote -> ( My Lead System Pro)

Being a social bookmarking site, StumbleUpon is
like your browser’s bookmark function;
however, others can see these sites.

StumbleUpon also has some qualities of a search engine.
Some people use the site like yellow pages, where they
look for service providers; however,
StumbleUpon is unique as it provides information about
sites that other people have recommended.

 Users can vote for or against each site, where more up-votes
for a stumble increase its chances of
being seen by other users.

StumbleUpon users discover new sites but may spend limited
time on newly stumbled websites.
To retain them, capture their interest in the first few seconds.
This will increase the possibility
that they will bookmark your site and up-vote your content.

Become an expert in your area
All that you do on StumbleUpon should contribute towards
 establishing your expertise in your field.
While choosing interests for your profile, select the ones you
have substantial knowledge about.

You have the option to select up to 250 connections and must choose them wisely.
 Stumbling can be done by interest and by following.
Add well-worded comments to your stumbled content to improve
your credibility and visibility. If you discover content that has not been
stumbled yet, add a comment box to provide comments.

Content that has already been stumbled will have a
speech bubble icon in the toolbar
where you can add your comment.

Stumble only good content
Even if your content is very good and better than most content
on similar topics, keep stumbling other people’s
content until you establish credibility.

Be selective about what you stumble as that also
 contributes towards your standing as an expert. Initially,
avoid stumbling your own content because people
generally don’t like new entrants who focus only
on themselves.
Once you have established a position
in the StumbleUpon community, you can gradually
start stumbling your own content.

The recommended ration is 10:1,
where you stumble 1 of your content and 10 by others.

Invest in your launch on StumbleUpon
You can use paid services for launching your content.

To submit your content legitimately without running
the risk of being identified as a spammer,
you can opt for paid
discovery offered by StumbleUpon.

You can get 100 visitors for $5,
which is quite reasonable. Choose a page
from your blog or website and submit
 it with a specific budget for pay per view.

The basic plan charges $0.05 per visitor.
StumbleUpon features
 paid discovery higher up in its algorithm which
ensures views.
 Once your budgeted amount is exhausted, your content will still be visible.

Connect with a stumble exchange group
To gain increased exposure, join a StumbleUpon exchange group.
Becoming a TribelPro member can allow your tribe
to be a stumble exchange group
with extra share buttons.
You would have to be careful though, because StumbleUpon penalizes content
that is discovered and up-voted by the same group consistently.

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