Thursday, January 14, 2016

Email Marketing Techniques 2016 - Brian Hazel Online


On any -> Email List, there are subscribers who signed up and never again showed signs of life. 

These are real people, who may have opted in to the specific offer, free content, a contest and then never reacted to your newsletters, and never bothered to unsubscribe. 

Let’s call them Inactive Subscribers. It’s better to have such subscribers, then to have none at all.

Here are few -> Email Marketing Techniques to bring these inactive subscribers to life:
1. Conduct a reactivation email campaign
Identify inactives on your list according to agreed-upon criteria (Never purchased? No clicks in 12 weeks? Zero opens in six months?), and segment them for a reactivation email campaign containing a special incentive if they opt in to your list again, confirm permission, or provide expanded information.
2. Connect via social media
New (and dare I say it, way cool) low-cost applications such as Flowtown make it possible for you to identify which social-media networks your email-list members belong to on a person-by-person basis.
Reach out to them to friend, link to, or follow on Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Flickr, Twitter, and more.
If you can get an active connection going in a social-media environment, chances are the next time your email message arrives, that list member will pay more attention to it.
3. Attempt offline connections
If establishing contact online doesn’t work, try connecting via direct mail or telephone to reconfirm and refresh email-list sign-up.
Outreach through offline channels adds variety to your marketing mix and stands out; those who might be ignoring their inboxes or those who simply might have changed email addresses and need to provide you with the newest, most-relevant one, might well appreciate the contact.
4. Reduce volume of email messages sent or suppress entirely
Less-active email-list members warrant less-frequent communication. Suppress inactives from all but your most-general email campaigns (such as your newsletter or quarterly updates), or suppress them entirely.
You don’t need to wipe them off your list, simply don’t email them as much , unless and until they show an increase in responsiveness.
Suppressing inactives that you have failed to re-engage via reactivation campaigns will boost your-> email-campaign performance metrics considerably.

Remember, large list size is meaningless if a sizable percentage of list members aren’t engaged.

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Monday, January 11, 2016

Massive Online Incomes - 2016 - Brian M. Hazel


 Now... Is the easiest time to dominate  => Online Income Producing Programs

 We’ve talked much about email marketing strategies, success stories, tips and tricks, 

Today I’d like to provide 7 assets of a  -> Successful Social Media Enterpreneur. 
1. Passion
Passion for the job is an important characteristic of any employee, but it’s fundamental for a social-media manager. Many public relations and marketing folks use social media, but they aren’t passionate about it. Social media goes 24/7, so you need someone who can live and breathe it without burning out. A good social-media manager will have the drive of a sales representative but has a light touch that influences people without appearing to “sell” to them.
2. Credibility
Social media is not a silo. You need to balance technical skill with business acumen. Research the candidate’s professional credibility in your particular industry. The social-media manager will become one of the “faces” of your company, so you need someone with a broad business background and a grasp of marketing, sales, operations, P&L, product management, business process, and customer relationship management.
3. Strategy
Because social media is fun, many people can get caught up in using it without a clear purpose. If a social-media program is implemented company-wide, it can become a big time investment. Therefore, it’s vital that the social-media director provide leadership for senior management as well, ensuring that they buy in to the program and understand its goals. Strategic, big-picture thinking coupled with a willingness for shirtsleeves implementation is a must.
4. Service-orientation
Because social-media managers are the face of a company, they need to be relentlessly committed to helping people in social channels. Customer service should be part of that person’s DNA. Customer interaction is not a bother; rather, it’s something to enjoy, it’s the new marketing. Customers, partners, prospects, and analysts will need help and advice around the clock, which puts the social-media manager in a unique position of acting as an advocate for the company and brand, as well as the community. As an advocate for the community, the social-media director helps the company design better products and services, leading to happier and more-loyal customers. And when the products and services are better, the social-media director can evangelize on the company’s behalf in a more natural way.
5. Risk-tolerance
The social landscape is changing at breakneck speed. The social-media leader must be comfortable with constant change and course correction. Because many social efforts are in uncharted territory, the perfect social-media manager will be the proverbial self-starter, a true pioneer, unafraid to head into the darkness. The social-media leader can’t wait for directions from the boss, since the boss may not know as much about social media. And if there’s a failure, the social-media leader must dust off and start all over again.
6. Decisiveness
It seems as if there’s a new social-media product every other day. Social-media practitioners must keep their tool set full of sharp new tools, but they need the wisdom and experience to recognize which trends have lasting power and which are ephemeral. It’s also crucial that they commit to social-media programs and stay with them long enough to evaluate their success or failure, yet be willing to jettison what isn’t working.
7. Action hero(ine)
As noted earlier, change is the only constant in the social-media world. To say that the social populace expects real-time action is an obvious statement. Although creating quality content is important, it’s equally important to avoid “analysis paralysis” or get caught in an endless loop of approvals. If you wait to publish a blog post or tweet, it will be yesterday’s news tomorrow. The social-media director must strike the right balance between perfection and action, with action being paramount.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Top Marketing Trends for 2016 - Brian Hazel Online


This year has been a dynamic time in the world of => Online Income Programs

Especially in the Online forum. 

New trends have come and gone, but some are here to stay. 

Here are our top 5 picks in marketing innovation to carry you through 2016.
1. Embrace Social Media Marketing
Social media is here to stay. It has proved to be a revolution in how businesses market themselves and how they do business. It provides great opportunities for businesses to engage in low cost marketing and directly interact with customers.

It can give you priceless information about your target market. Your social network knows where you live, who your friends are, what your interests are, which groups you belong to, if you have children, where you’ve been etc.

You can target customers in a way that would have been impossible five years ago.
Surprisingly, not all businesses are giving social media the attention it deserves. It adds enormous value to a brand and if used correctly can be a great way to engage your target market.
Do some research on where your ideal targets congregate, look beyond Facebook and investigate:
* Blogs (yours and others)
* Online forums
So if you don’t have a social media marketing plan in place, make 2011 the year to do it.
2. Engagement and Content will be King
It’s the way consumers choose to do business, and businesses should make brand engagement their number one priority. It’s also essential to keep customers engaged with a brand through several touch points.
You should be using the right platform, message and experience to capture the attention of your target market.
The best way to do this is to provide content. It is the key to acquire customers through social media. Your business should go beyond advertising, preaching and pushing products. Be useful to your audience- provide material that will be useful to them. Easy ways to do this are:
• Share news and tips that they’ll find helpful and practical. If you’re running a business you’re probably an expert in your field, so share that knowledge
• Ask their opinions and encourage discussion among the online community
• Promote exclusive offers through social media and add exclusivity. Make these incentives only available on social networks to encourage people to join.
3. Video Content
Video has become the epitome of online marketing. It provides another level of interactivity that consumers have come to expect from advertisers. There has been major growth in the World video digital space this year with the massive interest in online videos expected to continue to grow.
Many of the bigger brands have integrated video marketing into their broader marketing plans and the rest of the world should follow suit. Your business can present itself in a much more creative way, and there are many agencies popping up that have packages to meet smaller budgets.
4. Mobile Marketing On The Move
Although SMS marketing has been in use for years, the increase in Smartphone use and relaxed download caps on mobile phone plans has seen mobile marketing gain momentum.
Mobile marketing is more than SMS, but also mobile sites, visual banners, applications, location based search and SEO.
Mobile marketing can be cheap and easy to get into- especially the location based search and SEO functions- but can also be full-blown campaigns which huge price tags to match.
Like any marketing activity the most important thing is to plan. Research, focus and set measurable goals. Consider what would work best for your service or product and start with a fairly inexpensive entry point. Smaller businesses should definitely start with something basic, and increase your efforts once you start to get results.
5.Open source and the cloud make it easier to turn  your web site into a marketing machine
Gone are the days when the only Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software available was expensive and required investing in more head count to run them.  There have been huge improvements in web based CRM systems that range from simple to complex.
Many basic versions are free, upgrading to more professional versions is generally fairly cheap and you can grow functionality and the number of users as your business grows. You now have no excuse not to have a strong customer database and customer communication/loyalty program in place.

I personally use  mobile friendly email marketing 
As my primary source of online marketing.
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Monday, January 4, 2016

Multi-Channel Cross-Media Social Networks - Brian Hazel Online


Today is the day to talk about Social Media Trends for 2016. 

Social Media Optimization, as a part of -> Internet Marketing, 

Is the Key to Success for Online Business in 2016
Actually... it was a key to success in 2015 too.

What I want to say is – on the one hand all marketers are once again looking at how they can regain and grow market share, on the other – in contrast, these same marketing professionals are faced with a growing population of digitally-oriented consumers who are connected 24/7 / 365, increasingly immune to the marketing practices of the last decade and are exposed to anywhere from 300 to 3,000 individual marketing message every day.
So, where are marketers and online entrepreneurs putting investments in 2016?
Here’s my thoughts about it!
Social Media
Social media is nothing new but has simply gone online or evolved from its offline ancestor, the physical social network such as the Rotary Club or other in-person professional and networking organizations.

The fundamental value of social media is the ability to share content among like-minded individuals.

This makes for a natural union between consumer product companies and social media. However today’s form of online social networking is about listening, building and interacting with a community. It is a tool to use and one to better help you engage and listen to your customers, fans, business partners and anyone you define as your community.
As a marketing tool, we are looking at some very large audience figures with social media and according to their own sources, Facebook has more than 500 million users, LinkedIn 75 million users and Twitter 105 million users who send 65 million tweets each day.

Together, these add up to over 700 million users, listeners or viewers a company can engage.

 For the sake of comparison, just over 100 million users watched the U.S. Super Bowl in January of 2015, but keep in mind that’s the highest number for the competition in American television history!
Social media is not going away and using and engaging with it is critical!
Multi-Channel, Cross-Media and Integrated Marketing
There’s no silver bullet when it comes to -> internet marketing and customers, and prospects respond and prefer different marketing mediums, including online, print, broadcast, mobile and social media. Smart ->marketing professionals are not only using more than one medium but also integrating various mediums to lead the viewer or user through a brand experience across multiple marketing platforms.
These experiences can take the form of billboards with QR codes, print advertising with a mobile phone SMS call to action or go the advertiser’s Facebook account and hit the “Like” button or a mobile video ad that allowed you to view additional mobile video footage and share with your Facebook friends or Twitter followers.
As you can see, just as our companies, products and people change, so does the marketing field and best methods for engaging audiences around the global.

To develop the greatest impact with your campaigns, you must keep up on these trends because it’s where consumers will be going and you don’t want your competitors to beat you to the best ways to interact with audiences you need to reach. In the next two months, we’ll take a closer look at these trends and what mobile, social media and integration of these major trends can mean for marketers looking to stay on top.
I personally use  mobile friendly email marketing 
As my primary source of online marketing.
Leveraging =>My First Online Payday with Email marketing 
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But...  with the ease of use of Facebook.