Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Applied Cash Flow Review of Proof - Brian M Hazel

Applied Cash Flow Review of Proof


brian hazel

The Results Are In !

You are always tasked with having to 'take someones word for it'

in terms of reporting their success accurately.

In the past several weeks...

I have been ranting and raving about 

the benefits of => Applied Cash Flow

And Now the Unbiased STATS Are In!

I used Applied Cash flow as a Daily Cash generating / Front End Listbuider

and created so many leads on an everyday basis,

that I quickly made the 'Greatest of All Time Leaderboards'

within the most respected Network Marketing Platform in the Industry.

***(Proof Below)

Total Leads

These members have generated the most leads using MyLeadSystemPRO™ during the specified period of time.

All Time

  1. Ray Higdon L6
  2. Michelle and Bill Pescosolido L6
  3. Matt & The UnshackledMommy L4
  4. Mark Harbert L5
  5. Rob Fore L5
  6. Bluesman Of MLM L5
  7. Kate & Andrew McShea L5
  8. Jaime Soriano L4
  9. Justice Eagan L4
  10. James Hicks L4
  11. Marc M. Lalonde L4
  12. April Marie Tucker L6
  13. Norbert Orlewicz L6
  14. Adam Chandler L4
  15. Brian M. Hazel L1

***Check out the Names on that list... All Top Earners...(pretty tough competition)

My name among the all time greats is so special because - Look at my RANK !

In leveraging Applied Cash Flow...

I have accomplished in MONTHS, 

what has taken Most ... YEARS to do !

And... As you know...massive leads in a short amount of time...

Equal Sales - Around the Clock - 24/7

It's not your fault! It's just that nobody has ever

shown you how to do things right...

they've never given you the keys to unlock your full potential

online via PROFIT CENTERS.

I'd like to teach you the following:

- How to generate 50+ leads per day for YOUR biz the right way...

leads that they are ready to buy from you TODAY.

- Why 97% of network marketers fail in sponsoring distributors...

and how you can sponsor endless distributors in your business effortlessly.

- The #1 reason why networkers run out of funds before they even get started...

and how to avoid this deadly pitfall.

- How to make THOUSANDS of dollars from the 95% of people who say NO to your biz.

And much much more.


Look, Obviously this is EXACTLY How the Top Earners Play the Game!!!

I can TAKE YOU By the  HAND and teach you how to drive MASSIVE traffic,

Generating Massive  Leads,  and sign-up A MULTITUDE OF New Reps.

Its actually pretty simple:

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Monday, August 8, 2016

My 402 PAID Sign-Ups - Revealed - Brian M. Hazel

How - 400+ ($97) Sign-Ups - 30 Days

400+ Paid Front End Sign-Ups - How I Did It


brian hazel

Using Email Marketing with =>The Applied Cash Flow System 

is an extremely effective way of marketing any Network Marketing opportunity.

Bringing new prospects into your sales funnel while making A PROFIT...

Not only keeps you going, by covering your living expenses  BUT...

Can catapult you Into the Big Leagues by helping you to afford a Lifestyle...

That you can share as social proof of your success!

Generating 400+ Paid Sign-Ups in the last 30 Days => (Click Here For Details)

Has allowed me to share concepts that are PROVEN !!!

How to Use a Mega-Profitable 'Front End Product' and...

 Correctly Leverage Email Marketing.

After creating your  =>Applied Cash Flow Account, follow through with the full set up.

You will first activate your personal Paypal module 

to allow the system to instantly forward your Multiple $97 Commissions. 

~ No waiting On Checks Until the End of the Month ~ Get Paid Daily !!! ~

You will then be instructed to utilize - The Systems Digital Income Multiplier.

This is simply a Top Earner Tested combination of an 

AutoResponder (Aweber - 30 Day free trial), 

Capture Page System (Lead Capture Page Boss - Free Trial)

and a Pro Level Web Traffic Tracking System (Clickmagic) ***(Optional)

What Makes this system so Powerful is the Direct access to the 

Solo Ad Source (In the back office)

that can literally provide you with Unlimited Quality Leads on an EVERYDAY basis.

***No More Talking to Friends or Family....Ever !!!

You will then be given precise 'Daily Operating Activities' 

that typically take about 30-50 minutes a day. - PLEASE FOLLOW THEM !!!

You now will have unleashed a High Octane Front End - Viral List Building Machine 

that you can use to simply create a daily cash flow creator (as I do).

Remember...The Money is In the List.

Why not build a Huge List... and Make a Ton of Cash Doing It

To learn more techniques like these for improving your over-all profitability.

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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Blogging - Email Marketing - Brian M. Hazel

Content Marketing - Headlines 

Dominate - Network Marketing 


brian hazel

I teach, to maximize the profits with  => Applied Cash Flow

that headlines are the single most important 

part of any marketing document,

be it an email, a sales letter, squeeze page or paid advertisement. 

That’s because the headline is your first and only opportunity 

to capture the attention of the prospective customer.

If you headline fails to make an instant, 

immediate impression upon your reader, 

they will stop reading further and probably are lost to you forever.

The best headlines – those that grasp your page visitor by the lapels, 

shake them up and refuse to let go – share three common traits. 

If you ensure that your headlines always includes these three qualities, 

you can attract a greater number of prospects 

to spend more time with your copy and enhance your chances of 

converting them into a long-term customer, 

which is the ultimate objective of any marketing document.

Clarity Is King

The first and most important quality of any great headline 

is that it can be immediately understood by anybody who is reading it. 

The more clarity a headline has, the more appealing it will be to page visitors.

If your headline is in any way ambiguous, confusing, 

or doesn’t provide a clear and concise message that can be grasped instantly, 

it is going to turn readers away in droves. 

Clear, easy to understand headlines should be as specific as possible.

Remember, the people who are landing on your pages or seeing 

your ads are looking for solutions and answers. 

The last thing they want to do is to spend more time trying 

to figure out what is meant by an ambiguous or uncertain headline. 

Be as clear as you can possibly be.

Headlines Have Two Parts

The most effective headlines have two parts: 

The headline itself and the sub-headline, 

also known as the “sub-head”. 

One way to think of it is like this: The headline is the bait that gets the prospect 

in the door and the sub-head is what you use to hook 

them in so they will keep reading.

A clear and concise headline is critical, 

but by itself it usually is not enough to fully engage the reader. 

It needs help – in the form of a great, 

informative sub-head that boosts the clarity the reader gets from the headline.

The sub-head acts to reaffirm the reason 

why your reader has landed on your page or 

looked at your ad in the first place. 

It should set the stage for the story your content is about to tell them.

The Best Headlines Include Numbers

There is a whole body of research that proves that people 

using the Internet are astronomically more likely to click through 

on a headline that includes a number than one that simply includes words. 

This has something to do with the way our minds are wired.

Numbers express certainty. 

They subconsciously tell the reader that there message expressed 

in the headline is based on substance and fact, 

so people seeking solutions or answers online are naturally 

more attracted to headlines that include numbers than they are to just words.

The numbers you put in your headlines can 

include all kinds of figures, including percentages, 

the amount of things on lists, time measurements, and so on:

“3-Day Free Trial for All New Subscribers”
“Top 5 Ways to Shed Weight Fast”
“Increase Sales by 30% in 30 Days Using This One Weird Trick”

Generally, the number will be in the main headline rather than the sub-head. 

But the information in the sub-head should support 

whatever number you include in the headline.

These three qualities are so widely used that headlines 

that don’t include them are often perceived as 

jarring or off-putting – and usually fail to convert. 

Successful marketers understand what works and what doesn’t, 

so they gravitate toward the tried and true in order to maximize their results.

If you keep your headlines clear and to the point, 

include sub-headlines that support the primary

point of the main headline, and include numbers to give your 

headline substance and authority, 

you can exponentially increase your conversion rates regardless of 

what type of marketing document you are using.

To learn more techniques like these for improving your over-all profitability.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

SEO - Backlink Strategies 2016 - Brian M. Hazel


brian hazel

On-page SEO are techniques you can use 

to improve your chances of having your site 

Rank at or near the top of searches. 

Examples include using the best keywords, 

saturating your text with the optimal number of these keywords, 

and placing those keywords in the locations search engines like best.

Other examples of effective on-page SEO include:

• Including your keyword is in the page’s title
• Making sure your site has great meta tags, which are the description tags 
   that appear in search engine result pages. 

Be sure to use to mark the beginning and end of your meta tags. 

Plus, make sure they are limited to 160 characters in length, including spaces.

• Including your keywords in your header tags (also known as H1 tags). 
   These are the headlines that at the top of your article and within your web content.
• Including your keywords in ALT image text. 
   These are the descriptions added to an image that are displayed 
   when a user places the mouse cursor over the image.
• Making sure your content includes internal links. 
   These are links that connect to your other blogs or other parts of your website.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is just as important as on-Page SEO. 
One of the best off-page SEO techniques is backlinking, or link building. 

The more links your site includes to other sites 
– especially sites search engines considered “authoritative” 
– the higher your site will be ranked by search engines.

The biggest benefit of backlinks is that they cause search engines to give 
your site higher rankings on search pages. 

If your site is in the Number One spot on the first page of a search for your niche, 
you are practically guaranteed to be clicked on by thousands, 
if not millions, of people every day. 
And if only a tiny percentage of those visitors actually buy something on your site, 
you can make a lot of money.

But if you end up anywhere except the top half of the first 
Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for your product niche, 
you aren’t going to make very many sales. At that point, 
it’s time to improve your SEO by creating more backlinks.

Good Backlinks vs Bad Backlinks

The best backlinks link to authoritative sites. 
These are sites that most people would visit if they were looking for specific information. 
Examples include Wikipedia,, Wikimedia Commons, and others.

For example, assume your website offers automobiles for sale and you 
have included two backlinks on your web page: One links to Motor Trend magazine’s website, 
which says your site is a great place to buy cars. 

The second is to a food blog where there is a recipe you liked.
In this case, the first backlink would be substantially 
increase the value of your web page in the eyes of the search engines. 

The second wouldn’t help it very much, although if it had the 
proper keywords it might help your rankings a little bit.

Types of Backlinks

There also are three types of backlinks, 
each of which has different value by search engines:
• One-Way Links – These are links from one or more pages of another website to yours, 
   without your linking back to that site.
• Reciprocal Links – These links connect to another site, and the other site links back to your page. 
   Another term for this is link swapping.
• Three-Way Links – This is when you link to a website, 
   but instead of linking directly back to my site, 
   the person running that site links back to your site from another site.

The type of links search engines are one-way links because there is no reciprocity. 

Search engines also like three-way links because they look the same as one-way links.
Most links will add value to your web page for search engines, 
but stay away from getting backlinks from unsavory sources, such as gambling or pornographic sites. 

These will harm your site’s reputation among the big search engines.

To learn more techniques like these for improving your over-all profitability.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Applied Cash Flow - How It Works - Brian Hazel


brian hazel

If you are frustrated with having to talk to family and friends 

you should learn to use the power 

of the internet to generate massive leads. 

You can find all of the qualified prospects you could ever want or need...

(who are actually looking to work from home), 

If you have tried home meetings, buying leads, handing out flyers 

or used the elevator speech, you should know that you have other options. 

If you are new to Network Marketing, 

there are systems available that will show you the exact steps 

you need to take to dominate any Network Marketing Opportunity

If you take action and utilize the Applied Cash Flow System, 

you could be fielding unlimited responses from 

qualified prospects within 24 HOURS!

How do you think I Personally Dominate... 

The Leader Boards of any Network Marketing Program ...At Will.

Applied Cash Flow is powered by the best tools and 

proven strategies in the industry.

Created by True  Leaders to 'level the playing field' 

 to make Online Lead Generation profitable, 

as well as equitable  - in terms of Subscriber List Building. 

Today more than ever, it's all about offering incredible value. 

This system is not only powerful but generously shares 

what they know to truly help others succeed.

***Applied Cash Flow is a system that allows 

Ordinary People to do Extraordinary Things !!!

In generating Massive Leads, The system employs 

the mathematically proven principles of Solo Ads.

This 'Guru Level' technique easily -

Allows you to drive hundreds or even thousands of leads 

through your system on a Daily Basis...

If You Can Handle the Explosion in Traffic.

As you begin to rapidly grow, you would then begin to employ  

the integrated well respected attraction marketing component 

(My Lead System Pro). 

This is a generic funded proposal system that brands you as a leader. 

It not only enables you to reach out to potential prospects 

in a manner that helps them to know, like, and trust you But...

Creates a Reliable Monthly Residual Income for You as well.

The Complete System is incredible because 

you actually are able to truly help yourself 

as well as other network marketers 

who have not found success in their current company 

and are looking for quality leadership.

The Applied Cash Flow Network is... 

- A Training Platform for serious entrepreneurs,

- A Viral List Building tool,

- A Mega Profitable Front End Daily Cash Producer, 

(The New Instant Payment Feature for 2016 

Immediately Deposits Funds Directly to your PayPal)

And...A Monthly Residual Income Builder

All...without the 'Big Ticket' price tag.

Applied Cash Flow has so much to offer.

Unless you already have too many leads...

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