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How to Get Rich Online - Blogging - Brian M Hazel

Blogging Basics

How to Get Rich Online -  Blogging


brian hazel

Hi Guys Brian M. Hazel here,

Websites need traffic, and blogs are no different. 

People who write blogs are constantly 

seeking new ways to improve traffic to their websites. 

Some ways to do this are through advertising, 

using Search Engine Optimization (SEO), 

syndicating articles, and submitting posts to authoritative sites, 

such as and

But all these take time, cost money, or both.

So an increasing number of Internet marketers 

are turning to guest blogging as a way of driving traffic 

to their own landing pages. 

Guest blogging is when you write a blog post and 

offer it to an established blogger to post on their blog. 

While this arrangement doesn’t cost either party any money, 

it can be hugely beneficial to both.

So why would you want to write on somebody else’s blog for free? 

And why would an established blogger 

want to publish your blog on their website? 

The answer to that question is easy: Traffic.

Win/Win for Blogger and Guest

Guest blogging benefits both the blog’s host and 

the person writing the guest blog. 

For the guest blogger, 

posting on an established blog in their own marketing niche 

can lead to a lot of interest from the host blogger’s readers. 

If the guest blog provides high-value content, 

readers are going to want to learn more about the guest blogger.

For the host blogger, 

allowing a guest blogger to publish on their blog allows them to provide 

high-value content to their readers without having to do anything themselves, 

so they can enjoy the same level of traffic without having to work for it. 

They also enjoy the benefits of having a loyal following of

 readers while getting to take a day off from 

researching and creating original content.

Creates New Backlinks

Another benefit of guest blogging is that it allows guest bloggers to obtain 

new backlinks to their landing pages. 

Readers who find the content of their guest blog 

to be valuable will follow links in 

the “About the Author” box or another place in the guest blog 

back to the guest blogger’s landing page.

This also increases the value of the landing page 

in the eyes of the search engines 

– such as GoogleBing and others – 

especially if the host blog is considered to be an authoritative site. 

This increases the page ranking of 

the landing page on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for its niche.

Google and other search engines want to provide value 

and importance to websites which have a lot of links from 

authoritative sites. 

They distinguish these websites as reliable and trustworthy, 

so they rank them at or near the top of the SERP for their niche.

Selecting Guest Bloggers

Established bloggers need to choose 

who they allow to write guest blogs on their pages carefully. 

Because their readers are frequently returning to their blogs, 

they have a responsibility to their readers to provide 

high-value content that their readers can use in their everyday lives. 

So they need to make sure the guest blogger is both 

qualified to write on their blog and is going to 

give their readers useful information.

If the host blogger is not familiar with the guest blogger, 

they can research their reputation by checking with other

 writers in their community and networking. 

The host blogger can also ask the guest blogger 

for credentials that qualify them to write on their blog page 

– such as academic degrees, job experience, or relevant life experiences. 

They also can ask for links to previous guest blogs.

Overall, the advantages of guest blogging 

are numerous for both the host blogger and the guest blogger.

Quite simply the easiest way to develop an = > Online Business

The math dynamics are correct in that the 

profit analysis in leveraging the internet, 

makes it easier than ever to develop and grow such an enterprise.

If you are into How to Get Rich Online - Internet Marketing

and only want to apply your time 

to realize exponential growth.

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How to Get Rich Online -  Blogging - Brian M Hazel

Friday, November 10, 2017

How to Become Wealthy Online - Digital Marketing - Brian M Hazel

‘Pension Smart’ 

How to Become Wealthy Online  - Digital Marketing


brian hazel

I looked recently at how my Mutual Fund is performing. 

I am not really disappointed,

 however I can’t say I am not really impressed with the rate of returns either. 

Sure I could listen to another ‘investment fund’ broker’s pitch,

and I probably could realize higher returns with a more aggressive investment strategy.

This all at a price as we all know…a risk of safety to capital.

When I was growing up,

I learned from my parents the ‘sweat equity’ style of building a profitable real estate portfolio.

The older I get, the more I see the value of their given wisdom.

So if I had the chance to create a similar scenario…

I am recognizing it as a = > Digital Subscriber Creator

I see that this is now actually going to be far less costly than I had originally estimated.

This is because success can be created very quickly using methods that are very inexpensive,

although very effective.

Blogging everyday is what sets the wheels in motion,

and then to engage into a few other very routine promotional efforts is all that is needed.

I was already blogging

so that being a ‘no-brainer’ and the other 

promotional activities are extremely simple.

These only include the distribution of information and

content through-out the various social media platforms.

Rather than do this myself I will  out source it as I did

when I was in the bar business or if you are the type that likes to do it yourself…well,

there are additional operating expenses you can enjoy.

The fulcrum of this platform would start with  a = > Mega - High Converting Landing Page

I am not the type of person whom likes to spend hours on the phone

 so an automated email contact management system will solve that.

I believe I have figured out a way to fully automate the whole system.

With the tools given by => Home Business Technologies

and the little research I have done,

the dynamic qualities of the internet makes this a perfect marriage.

The most intricate and expensive feature in developing

a web presence is the science of producing an un-ending source of fresh leads.

The -> Applied Cash Flow Platforms ‘techies’ handle this as cost added.

The system does work as it is marketed.

Not to mention the distinct feature of having 

a Live - Chat feature that your leads can have access 

to a staff of seasoned professionals!

I can give you the keys to the kingdom.

They’re waiting for you when you -> CLICK HERE:

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for some time Now…

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How to Become Wealthy Online  - Digital Marketing - Brian M Hazel

How to Get Rich Online - Make Money Today - Earn Money from Home

Earn Money from Home

How to Get Rich Online 

Make Money Today 


brian hazel

determining what niche you want to build your business around

 is one of your first decisions. 

How to Get Rich Online - Make Money Today - Earn Money from Home

It’s helpful if you know something about your

niche so that you are somewhat familiar with it and your learning curve is not as steep.

For example, if you are a chicken farmer who has spent

the past 20 years working on an egg farm, you probably don’t want to

launch a business having to do with buying foreign currencies,

especially if you have never traded in Forex in your entire life.

Rather, you probably want to consider capitalizing

on your expertise and working within the poultry niche.

A good place to start is by thinking about your own passions.

What sorts of things fascinate you?

What could you talk about for days?

If you choose a passion niche

– especially for your first online marketing business –

it’s easy to share your enthusiasm with others.

Do you have a hobby or interest now or have you had one in the past?

Was there a job you had, an educational experience,

or some sort of informal training that you could use as the foundation for building your expertise?

Benefits of Passion Niches

When you are interested in your niche,

it will help to keep you from becoming bored or frustrated later.

But your niche should also be something your customers are going to want as well.

What you want are niches that have a lot of customers and

different types of products that can be

packaged in various ways and priced in the mid- to high-price range.

Here’s an example: Assume you have always been interested in consumer electronics,

which is an excellent niche.

For your first product,

you might choose to promote replacement parts for 3-D HDTV’s that cost only $1.25.

While this would be a good product if

you are the only seller of those particular parts after they have been discontinued

– because you could essentially charge anything you like –

in any other instance, you would need to have

a huge volume in order to make a lot of money.

Because you want to work in the consumer electronics niche,

a better product might be the 3-D HDTV’s themselves.

While they have a much bigger price tag,

you could arrange to buy them through a drop shipper,

and each sale could bring you commissions worth several hundreds of dollars.

Researching Your Niche

Once you’ve selected a niche that you believe has a lot of potential customers,

the next step is to confirm it by conducting niche research.

Measuring the size of a niche market is as easy as going online to

 see if there are a lot of competing products already being

 offered in the niche you have selected by doing a simple Google search.

Let’s keep our example of consumer electronics.

Go to Google, search “3-D HDTV’s” and you will

instantly discover hundreds of competing products within that same niche,

meaning you have hit upon a niche with a huge potential customer base.

The main objective of niche research is to determine if

there is a high demand for the types of products you want to promote.

Visiting these web-based marketplaces can tell you that,

because if a lot of products are being offered in your niche,

that means potential buyers are plentiful.

Evaluating the Competition

To size up your competition, generally the first place to visit is Amazon,

the world’s largest online retailer.

While Amazon is known for selling eBooks for Kindle and other eReader devices,

it actually is the marketplace for practically any type of product in the world.

So you want to search on Amazon to see what other

marketers are selling that are the same or similar to the product you are considering.

Amazon also provides a lot of data you can use to

develop your own marketing plan even further,

such as how many similar products already are being offered for sale,

which are the least and most popular, and the price range you can expect.

The Niche I Personally have chosen is Online Educational Courses.

I like the idea of changing lives  - OVERNIGHT !!!

I Teach These Principles Using Great Detail 

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How to Get Rich Online - Make Money Today - Earn Money from Home

Thursday, November 9, 2017

How to Get Very Rich Online - Brian M. Hazel - Digital Subscriber Creators

Applied Cash Flow Method

Digital Subscriber Creators 


brian hazel

As I continue to drive traffic 

through the marketing platform of 

It is beginning to look more and more like 

a great alternative to "Day Trading"... or 

other High Return  Investment Activities.

with their residual payout structure is an advanced form of 

on-going generating income streams, 

that can be developed for structured payouts over many years. 

Building on an Applied Cash Flow Method platform such as

=>6 Figure Analytics

would turn out to be very lucrative in the long run. 

It is no wonder why these programs are becoming 

more attractive as pension alternatives everyday.

The amount of labor that is involved is actually very little. 

I have been writing and blogging on a regular basis anyway, 

so this is not an added task. 

If one thought it would end up being too much 

there are places one can go to obtain daily content for their blogs. 

I am  designing methods that could be fully copied  To 

I am a person whom likes the assembly line method 

to be used in all forms of development. 

I have always used this in the past to garner great results.

I am testing every social media outlet 

to understand which ones perform the best. 

This is something where your blog would be a ‘center-piece’ 

and the other elements would act as surrounding 

modules to add energy and momentum. 

There is still the element of a sales funnel, 

however it would act in an invisible capacity.

With the majority of the sale and closing work done for you 

by the professional team at Applied Cash Flow Method

this almost seems too easy. 

Not to say I wish I had looked at it more closely before, 

as I did have other priorities to manage. 

Simply that I didn’t realize that this would be so easy.

There are some basic skills that are necessary to 

seemingly have very quick success. 

The best part about that is, I taught them in 

great detail in my earlier posts. 

I like the idea of changing lives  - OVERNIGHT !!!

I Teach These Principles 

Using Great Detail Here =>(Applied Cash Flow Method))

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How to Get Very Rich Online - Brian M. Hazel  

Digital Subscriber Creators