Thursday, June 30, 2016

My 46 Minute Workday - Email - Marketing - Brian M. Hazel


brian hazel

In fully leveraging => The Applied Cash Flow System

I rely heavily on email marketing.

I never do any cold calling, telemarketing 

or reaching out at all for that matter.

And...I have a steady stream of leads that flow in 24/7.

I can temper the amount of leads I want on an everyday basis,

there-by basically dialing in my daily income!

If I get overwhelmed, I just simply scale back.

if I want to dramatically increase my income,

I simply scale up.

The old Network Marketing approach to marketing was 

that 50% of marketing activities created almost zero yield results.

The problem was that nobody knew how to calculate 

which 50% created the results needed. 

Today there is no doubt that with utilizing email marketing,  

your return on investment – ROI is mathematically higher 

than most other marketing activities.

There are websites which offer email marketing ROI calculators 

such as, and marketing 

These use readily accessible data such as campaign preparation costs, 

buying email lists, sending expenses and comparing the totals 

against the response rate and the conversion rate. 

A conversion is the when a responder converts into a customer and buys. 

This a convenient approach when you are selling simple products.

But for most of us, life is not so simple. 

There are many intangibles and immeasurables in 

an email marketing campaign;

image, customer retention, and possibly technical updates.

Where email marketing campaigns excel are in the analytics

which can be collated each time. 

All email sending platforms can provide feedback on how many:

Recipients opened their email

Bounced or unsubscribed

Clicked on a social media ‘like’ button

Forwarded to a colleague

The email sending platform that I personally use is,
one of the more advanced email marketing platforms available.

 It will store the time each recipient opens their email and 

it will detect certain recipient patterns. 

It will send my email messages at different times to determine 

and to optimize the opening rate. 

For example if Mr Smith usually reads his email around 7.00am with his coffee, 

while Mr Jones around 1:30pm with his lunch, 

the platform will send Mr Smith’s at 7:05am and Mr Jones’ at 1:35pm. 

Frightening, when you think about it...

Actually, You can even be more sophisticated. 

If you monitor which messages are read by which people 

you can fine tune your messages to be shorter 

so that people only receive the types of, and length of messages which they like to read. 

If you place an ad in a magazine you will

know the circulation numbers of that magazine and these numbers are

usually audited independently. 

But it is difficult to assess the effectiveness of that type of marketing campaign. 

Printed magazines do not have ‘click-through’ monitoring. 

In general there is an increase in sales after in intense advertising campaign. 

This you can measure better if you include vouchers or coupons 

which provide proof of where the customer saw your ad.

Email campaigns are not like the 9 o’clock news, 

which you will watch even if there is no important news. 

If you bombard your targets with time wasting broadcasts, 

not only will they not read them, 

they will psychologically downgrade your image.

Don’t just send an email because you have to, s

end one because you have something of value to share.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Guaranteed Online Success - Brian M. Hazel


brian hazel

I have been recently asked many times...

What is my definition of what Real Success is... and, 

how do I feel it is best attained and held.

In my humble opinion it's Practice. 

Practice the magic that makes success possible and constant.

Any person with a skill that others may consider to be amazing, 

got that way because of the many hours, days, weeks, and years 

they spent practicing... 

Most of this activity usually happens, behind closed doors.

I do not believe anyone becomes great at anything 

without a lot of practice.

Let’s assume that you hold a vision of yourself as being 

a successful => Internet Marketer 

In your vision you see yourself sitting pretty 

That’s a great vision to hold, but how do you get there when you’re life doesn’t 

look anything like the vision you wish it could be?

Will it happen by accident? 

It could,in theory, but the odds are heavily stacked against you!

The strategy that I feel works best and, the one that is the most reliable of all, 

and is the one most people prefer to skip is; practice.

Now I realize that many of us had to practice things 

we simply didn’t enjoy as a child, such as taking musical lessons. 

I doubt I had a single friend who enjoyed those lessons, 

and that could be why so many adults simply don’t enjoy 

any form of practice today.

But practice can be fun, should be fun, and it should be something you look 

forward to doing every single day!

And honestly, other than having great luck...

I simply can’t point to any other strategy that works consistently, 

reliably, and produces more success stories than practicing every single day!

So let’s get practical here. 

I know that you would love to be more successful,

 or even maybe even wealthier than you are right now. 

These are very common goals and ones that are attainable by anybody 

willing to commit to practice.

Most every person I meet in our industry falls into this category. 

They have the dream, but never seem to make any 

progress on making it a reality.

When you look a little closer, you will notice that these very same people 

NEVER practice their skills in the area of creating success. 

They talk about it, they complain that they are not successful, 

and they may even feel a certain unfairness towards people 

who have become successful.

The result is that they will never progress, 

their lives will not improve, and in fact, 

their distress will only increase as they get older and 

their ability to progress comes to a halt.

There is a better solution!

Being able to create success is a skill 

that MUST be practiced and perfected every single day. 

While many might believe that successful and wealthy people are lucky, 

From my personal experiences...

It’s really skill that takes a person from let's say...Rags to Riches. 

It’s a skill that is practiced and perfected, often over a period of years 

that creates the success most people crave.

To become great at anything, you have to do it again and again, 

you have to make the mistakes, learn from them, 

and keep perfecting your skills even when you think 

you’re at the top of your game, 

you should know that there is always another level.

So what should you be focused on in order to 

practice your 'wealth-building' skills?

Start with how you define wealth because it’s different for everybody. 

What is YOUR definition of wealth?

Once you have an idea of what being wealthy means to you, 

spend some time thinking about your skills, 

what value you can bring to the marketplace, 

and try to map out a path that you believe will 

get you to where you want to be in life.

Be flexible, as your plans will change as you learn and 

perfect your skills along the way. 

And always remember that the path you find that 

leads you to creating wealth will be uniquely yours.

We are, after all, individuals with beliefs, skills, 

and life experiences unlike anybody else in the entire world, 

so it only makes sense that how you get there is going to be unique in nature.

Now getting yourself into the habit of practicing 

is the where you’ll invest most of your time 

and the best strategy that I have ever found is being able to

“stay in the conversation” of success and wealth creation 

as much as you possibly can. 

In other words, if you want something, 

you become good at it by thinking about it, 

reading about, talking with others about it, trying your hand it, and 

being involved in it as many waking hours as is possible.

This process is commonly called immersion... 

And, it’s a critical piece of the wealth and success creation puzzle. 

You do not get good at something if you just dabble a little here and there. 

Dabblers never become great at anything. 

People who are focused on a goal and commit to practicing their skills often 

find success that even surprises them.

You want to be “all in” and you want to be sure that you’re well- read

that you have surrounded yourself with people you can brain-storm with 

who will be supportive of you and not critical of you

and you want to be sure that you’re in the game 

rather than watching from the sidelines.

When you do these things, and they are not hard to do, 

but they do require a commitment from you, 

you will see definite, measurable changes in your level of wealth. 

It may happen fast, 

it may take a while, but it will happen because that 

is the only true outcome for somebody 

who is dedicated to the cause!

Here’s an example of this from my own life. 

A few years back I got the idea that I wanted to 

become superbly conditioned physically. 

I knew that in order for that to happen that I had to 

become totally committed to the process. 

That meant that every bite of food had to be in alignment with this goal. 

No cheating!

I began the process by learning about how 

I could improve my diet and food choices. 

Cooking was always a skill of mine.  

I used these strategies for preparing meals 

that I needed to make the kinds of changes that I needed.

I surrounded myself with people who were also 

looking for the same kinds of results, 

and I spent time with them as often as I could. 

We would check in with each other at least 

once a week and encourage each other to keep at it. 

This will prove to be very valuable for you too.

High Protein / Low Carb, eating less, 

and eating foods that were only fuel for me. 

But through practice, and doing it every day, 

I got better and better over time.

When I was eating out, I knew what I could order, what I should not order, 

and I asked my friends never to judge me by what they saw 

or didn’t see on my plate 

and that I would give them the same respect in return.

It didn’t take very long before I started seeing results. 

I became a master at eating well and I got there by sticking to my plan, 

learning more and more as I went, and constantly refining what I was doing.

If you think that creating wealth is more complicated than 

physical conditioning then, 

I’d like to tell you that for most people losing weight is infinitely 

more complex than creating wealth ever could be.

It’s time to create a plan and start doing it!

I look forward to seeing you on top of your game and...

Enjoying the life you were meant to!

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My 46 Minute Workday - Brian M. Hazel - Official Press Release

My 46 Minute Workday 


brian hazel

Finally It's Done !!!

This is an Official Press Release,

For the launching of my latest book => My 46 Minute Workday

In my latest offering, I actually document my online journey

from beginning until present day.

I detail how I started with just my laptop,

surfing 'the web'... from my kitchen table.

I reveal to you my confusion

initially understanding internet marketing and,

my periodical feelings of possibly quitting.

Thank God I Didn't !!!

I explain to my readers my deep rooted motivation

as well as what 'traps' not to get stuck in

during your own online journeys.

I have written several technical pieces earlier however,

they are more mathematical in that they are more theory related.

It's very easy to chronicle success in terms of numbers.

I feel the insight into the mindset included in any successful endeavor,

is usually a missing link that should be

included in any completely documented formula.

I waited to create the time and space for this writing.

My earlier efforts have been more of an attempt to deliver 

winning strategies that my team members

could immediately implement.

I reached a point were I felt,

if my all of my writings were connected as if they were dots,

success would be eminent.

In reaching the level I have in this industry,

I knew it was time to begin to 'give back.'

The Network Marketing community as a whole,

has been very gracious to me.

It entered my life at exactly the right time.

Although like anyone,  I did encounter my share of struggles

it ultimately delivered the lifestyle that it promised.

I wrote this book to hopefully shorten the time

that it takes anyone to accomplish

the true meaning of => Time / Freedom.

The ability to create a full time income.

I personally define a full time income as...

One that allows me to comfortably live in the suburban home I own.

Own several luxury / other  vehicles.

Ability to vacation at will.

Cover all of my monthly expenses, while being able to aggressively make

investments to hedge against any economic downturns.

All while at this point, spending only '46 Minutes a Day'

At my computer!

As always I hope my efforts will help someone else...

Never to relinquish their dreams !!!

The Network Marketing Industry will,

Give you back exactly what you put into it... In multiples


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Monday, June 27, 2016

Applied Cash Flow Review of Building a List - Brian M. Hazel

Applied Cash Flow Review of Building a List


brian hazel

In Understanding =>Applied Cash Flow

I chose to do this review for some of my marketer friends. 

Many asked me about this. 

As well as others wanting to know. 

I have used this program personally and 

also know the actual creators

involved with this, so these are all facts I will be sharing.

With The => Applied Cash Flow system 

really what you're getting is access to... 

A Guru / Veteran Marketer level system, 

that anyone can leverage.

The actual ( sales funnel ) - ( website )  you will need 

is completely included to start. 

You can make your own custom version 

depending on the modules you choose,

but I would take the advice of the site administrators, 

and 'Top Earner' recommendations to get the best results.

It simply "converts like crazy," 

and the payment options I use and suggest are 

through 'PayPal' and /or 'Stripe' 

Now that you have your Applied Cash Flow System up  and running, 

time to work  it. 

I would suggest using the provided copy write /email swipes given, 

and follow the directions exactly.

I like the fact the system is trying to actually 

help you / teach you how to make sales / conversions, 

and to quickly build a huge subscriber list

I also like the basic step by step structure and,

therefore the system is also very useful as a profitable Team Builder.

A Team Leader could certainly use this as a confidence builder 

for anyone needing to see results quickly.

In fact, Applied Cash Flow actually helped me build my first 

10,000 person list extremely quickly. 

The fact that I did make a ton of sales (profit) while building this list 

came as an added bonus. 

I think if you focus on the list building aspects 

you will also come out far ahead.

Life Dramatically Changes...

When your list begins to grow Exponentially...!!!

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Producing Massive Daily Cash Flow,

And...a HUGE Monthly Residual Income.

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