Saturday, May 21, 2016

FaceBook Mobile Advertising - Brian M. Hazel Online


Brian Hazel


Those of you that know me, 
Know that I am very passionate about => Social Media Marketing
Facebook is my lab and Facebook advertising gets a huge chunk of 
my attention.
Over the past years I have run hundreds of thousands of dollars in 
advertising for myself. 
 Mobile marketing continues to grow in leaps and bounds. 
And while mobile traffic is cheaper than desktop, it is less effective 
When it comes to important conversions like completing forms, 
And making purchases.
We all know that entering contact, survey, or billing information 
into a mobile phone is a pain in the ass. In fact on average...
"It takes 38% longer to complete a form on a mobile device...

Than it does on a desktop. Or at least it did in the past."

"The New Facebook Lead Generation Ads 

Are a Game-Changer!"

With the New Lead Generation Ads, 
Facebook just made mobile lead generation EASIER 
and much more effective than desktop. 
This is huge => Click Here
Now a mobile user simply taps an ad that interests them, 
and if the call-to-action is to share their contact information, 
they simply consent to give the advertiser 
the contact information already associated with their Facebook account. 
It really is that easy.
As we all Know...
Leads are the lifeblood of your business. 
This Course <= Will Help you Produce Highly Targeted Leads !!! 
Gain an Immediate Market Advantage Over Your Competition.
And start collecting new leads for your business today!
***Also Included...
A Private 'FaceBook Marketing Dojo' FaceBook Group 
where you will run alongside other 'Mobile Leads Pro' students! 
You will be able to connect and get YOUR FaceBook questions answered 
to make sure you MASTER =>THIS MATERIAL 
And start getting red-hot dirt-cheap leads today for YOUR business today!

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