Sunday, October 15, 2017

How to Get Rich Online - Statistical Proof - Brian M Hazel

brian hazel

 When it Comes to How to Get Rich Online 

The Sky is the Limit with= >Digital Subscriber Creators 

I have a list of questions / considerations
that you should ask yourself about your current email campaigns.
I sincerely hope to make it easier to develop and 

improve all of your email campaign efforts. 
1. Do you send your email messages at the best time of day?
2. Do you know exactly why you send certain emails out? 
3. Is your total marketing budget based on how much you want to spend, or on how much you wish to make?
4. What do inactive subscribers mean to statistacally you? 
5. Do you reward active and loyal subscribers with added value?
6. Do you carefully operate within the guidelines of all internet service            providers?
7. Do you value your feedback from each one of your subscribers?
8.  Do you carefully analyze statistics from your tracking data?
9. Do you try to routinely compute the advanced statistics from data you have compiled?
10. Are you "too" satisfied with your rates (open, click-throughs, etc)? 
11. What are you currently doing about those who don’t open and / or click on your email messages?
12. Do you think the current emails that you sending, are the best ones that you can create?

P.S. Please feel free to print this list out 

and check it step by step 

as you improve your email campaigns.

I personally use  mobile friendly email marketing 

As my primary source of online marketing.

introduces day trading like profitability, 

but the ease of use of Facebook,

***My personal stats for 12/12/2016 (Below)



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