Thursday, April 2, 2015

Blog Cash Flow Secrets - Brian M. Hazel


Are you having trouble getting traffic to your blog?
What if I could show you how to -> drive traffic to your blog without using SEO, 

with no out-of-pocket expense and with a small amount of time and effort? 

Would that be of value to you?
Most people believe that the only good traffic is search engine traffic. But with Google changing the algorithms regularly, it’s extremely difficult to rank on the first page of Google.
don’t focus just on Google, Bing or search engines only for that matter… I get my traffic from other sources and it doesn’t cost me a penny!
Just remember, there are so many more places that people search on than Google… Pinterest, YouTube and Forums are some examples.
You need to spend some time figuring out what specific words and phrases are the people most likely to search for… who will want to come to your business if they knew it existed.
Use Google Keyword Search to search for high competition keywords… not low competition like you do for SEO blogs. You want the words that the majority of people in your target audience are searching for.
Then write your blog post around those words. The post needs to be at least 400 words. Now you need to re-purpose your content. Turn it into a video and post it on YouTube and the many other video sites. Write an article and submit it to a few article sites. Convert it to a PDF and even a Power Point presentation. And then post it everywhere! There are many document sites such as And don’t forget about Pinterest. People search for specific things on Pinterest as well as YouTube and docstoc. Also, for power point presentations you can use Slide Share or Author Stream. Both sites work well.
Now do this with all of your blog posts. If you blog everyday, like I do, you will have produced a lot of articles, videos, power points and documents. and you will be surprised at the traffic you will get! I have received traffic within hours of using this strategy. You won’t rank on the first page of Google but you will still get lots of traffic. Compiling all of this data will also be of benefit to you as coaching material for your prospective team. There are many times in which I will direct my recruits to my blog posts as a way of delivering written instructions for them to follow on a certain marketing procedure.
Remember, information is good but acting on that information is what will bring you success!

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