Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Applied Cash Flow Review by Brian M Hazel

An Applied Cash Flow Review by Brian M Hazel


There is one Program on the market that cannot be over-looked. 

In terms of it’s capability to teach, function, ease of use, and the

ability to produce net profits.

The product =>Applied Cash Flow

requires that you read every word carefully in the given instructions. 

The instructions indicate free advertising will work,

or you may choose to use paid advertising (solo-ads).

To be fair with you I used every free traffic method the program

suggested,…not one but ALL. 

In my continuing fairness, I not only used

every free program but I initially threw in

about $63 worth of paid advertising also.

The program suggests solo ads.

...And Solo Ads are my choice of advertising methods. 

My exact results were; only satisfactory using free traffic methods only.

Leveraging Facebook with solo ads; I found that I could

maintain a steady positive cash-flow, with a solid daily ROI per campaign. 

Basically being able to dial in within acceptable ratios my daily

profit margins as well as the equity building aspect of growing

my subscriber base.

I suggest a 'full bore' 2 weeks worth of social media / attraction marketing

(YouTube, Daily Motion, IBO Tube, twitter, as well as Facebook)

before starting your solo ad campaign.

I would recommend this program to a newbie with some basic skills.

Complete newbies seem to struggle with the concepts of paid advertising,

thereby possibly making this product difficult to succeed with.

Overall the ease of product sale was excellent, and you only have to

have cut and paste skills. Minimal set up, and minimal set up time.

(The program converted profitably in it’s first 24 hours, as stated.)

Results using solo ads: Average Daily Net ROI +79% (Over 10 Days)

My first day: Implemented ‘All well understood free traffic methods’,
and purchased $63.00 in solo ads. (100 Clicks)

My second day of paid advertising: Invested $120.00 (200 Clicks)

My third day: I scaled to tier 1  (500 clicks) @ $285

*Based on the continual reliable revenue expectations,
  I start the day by running anywhere from 1000 -1500 clicks / day,
  as a high converting front end product to my main opportunities. 


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