Friday, July 3, 2015

Applied Cash Flow - Lab Results - Brian M. Hazel


There is one Program on the market that cannot be over-looked. In

terms of it’s capability to teach, function, ease of use,

...And the ability to produce net profits  => Applied Cash Flow 

Just as any products today are ‘MARKETED’, the ‘well known’ makers
of the product eagerly state the earnings potential.

I did a case study of the product and was surprisingly pleased with the results.

The product => Applied Cash Flow  was made known to me by a client of

whom I am consulting through My Lead System Pro Mastery .

My client had been marketing the program and wanted ways
in which he could increase his profits/sales.

I am a rather hands on consultant. I took 'the program'

read every word carefully in the given instructions.

The instructions indicate free advertising will work,

or you may choose to use paid advertising (solo-ads).

(I had the program up and running within 2 hours.)

To be fair with you I used every free traffic method the program
suggested,…not one but ALL.
In my continuing fairness, I not only used every free method
but I threw in the optional paid advertising also.

The program suggests solo ads.

I am very familiar with Solo Ads so this was now actually
going to be very interesting.

I actually wanted to if ‘solo advertising’ works with just about anything.

My clients results were 'slow'  but successful, as he used
free traffic methods (social media) Only.

I found that with the addition of solo ads I could easily create
a solid positive  daily cash-flow with a steady daily ROI per campaign.

Basically being able to dial in a daily income level.

I suggested that 2 weeks worth of surrounding the program with a
corresponding aggressive attraction marketing campaign
with a 15 day autoresponder sequence would enable an even greater yield.

I would recommend this program to a newbie with some basic skills.

Complete newbies seem to struggle with the concept of paid advertising.

Overall the ease of re-marketing the product was excellent in my opinion.
Opt-in rates were very high, and the conversions seemed to just flow as the
'chat line' actually helped to convert a fair share of my leads into sales. 

My first day: Implemented ‘All well understood free traffic methods’, 
and purchased $63.00 in solo ads.(100 clicks) from The Solo Ad Boutique

My Second day of paid advertising: Invested $120.00 (200 Clicks)

My Third day: Invested $265.00 in paid advertising. (500 Clicks)

Results: My Average Daily Net ROI - 79%

If you are a veteran marketer looking for an ultra high converting 
front end offer, I would strongly suggest this as a viral list- builder and /or
a total team confidence builder.

As a 'retail program' I like the 'chat line' feature, which is more like  
cost free private coaching (which is very helpful for newbies).


To Learn How...  I Personally Earn Upwards of 519.17 / Per Day
Plus... An Additional 19+ / Checks a Month in Residual Income.


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