Friday, October 2, 2015

Applied Cash Flow a Virtual 24 Hour ATM


24 Hour Virtual ATM by Applied Cash Flow

I digitally market to my industry base 24 hours a day,

I feed these leads directly into =>Applied Cash Flow

They then will be filtered though a process which will automatically

further qualify these leads to have the opportunity to leverage 

My Exact Digital Marketing system that assists with:

1. Personalization. You should always know the names of your subscribers, and it’s even better to know their occupations. This also helps in creating separate email lists that are interest-targeted, even if the niche is one, interests may vary!
2.Being Consistent Stay in touch with your email susbscribers consistently – do not over load them with your messages and information and don’t disappear for weeks on end.
3. Being laconic  Include only the most important information in your emails – there is no need to write ten pages and then in the end of the message include one call-2-action link. Try to limit your messages to 500 characters.
4. Knowing your Subscribers  You should know when to contact each one of your subscribers – i.e. Friday evening is the worst time to contact corporate partners or B2B customers As well, I strongly suggest targeting the middle of the week.
I personally use email marketing as my primary source of marketing methods.
Leveraging = My Exact Blueprint

...with Email marketing 

Produces Massive Daily Cash Flow,

And...a HUGE Monthly Residual Income.


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