Friday, November 27, 2015

Stay Relevant in 2016 - Brian Hazel Online


Here is the list of most important => Email Processing Marketing Tips for 2016:
1. Mobile friendly emails. 
You should make your mailings email friendly. 
2. Mixing email marketing with social media. 
Link your mailings with your social media campaigns. As an example – use your facebook fans as a real subscribers – facebook allows you to reach them with direct messages that has 100% delivery rate really great open-rate. You should really try it!
3.  Reward your subscribers. 
Try rewarding your subscribers for some special activities. As an example – they may be awarded with a free report if they share your mailing via Facebook, or if they forward it to a friend. This motivates your subscribers to participate in a viral-marketing campaign and spread a word about your business.
4. Avoid Sale-phrases. 
It just scares people away. It really worked 3 years ago, not now. Forget about “Buy Now”, “Special offer”, “Only few days left…”, etc. The more personalized your mailings are, the highest open and click-through rates you get. And such phrases don’t make it personalized.
5. Make your mailings interactive. 
And I’m not talking about polls, votes or lotteries right now. Make your subscribers act, like offering them a 30% discount and an opportunity to donate 5% to a charity – this technique is really catchy, increasing conversion rates.

I personally use  mobile friendly email marketing 
As my primary source of online marketing.
Leveraging =>Applied Cash Flow with Email marketing 
Introduces Day Trading like Profitability,
But...  with the ease of use of Facebook.


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