Wednesday, February 24, 2016

7 Figure Email Marketing Formula - Brian M. Hazel


Follow the statistics carefully.

When Leveraged Correctly => Applied Cash Flow

Converts Into a 7 Figure Funnel.

I load up on Massive => Solo Ad Traffic 

On exactly the Opposite days that other Marketers are Mailing.

My New subscribers will mostly be added to my list beginning...

Very Early Sunday Morning.

I then let the auto-responder as well as live broadcasts handle the weekdays.

A successful open on Sunday will increase your overall inbox conversions,

for the near and far future.

Monday         Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday     Friday          Saturday     Sunday


I personally use  mobile friendly email marketing 
As my primary source of online marketing.
Leveraging =>Applied Cash Flow with Email marketing 
Introduces Day Trading like Profitability,
But...  with the ease of use of Facebook.


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