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Applied Cash Flow Webinars - Brian M. Hazel

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When you’re interested in => Sharing REAL VALUE

You can use webinars to build your list, 

And... most Importantly as a bonus,

It’s really easy to => Run WEBINARS, 

and you’ll have a lot of fun once you get the hang of them

and get yourself in practice.

When someone registers for your => live streaming webinar

they usually have to enter in some kind of information to join... 

Like their name and email address. 

You can run special events either to your existing list or to a new list 

(like someone else’s email subscribers or a forum community), 

present your free material, and then get those attendees to

opt in to your email list 

so you can market to them and get them to attend your other events. 

All you have to do is contact thought leaders and website owners 

in your niche and offer to solve their audience’s problems for free.

The next thing you can do is use a webinar to record a

bonus for an existing product. 

Whether you have a low-ticket, high-ticket or physical book for sale, 

you might think of extra material that

“didn’t quite fit into the product”… 

or you can answer common questions people have

after they’ve consumed your product. 

You can run this special event to your existing buyers, 

present for about an hour and record it, 

and now you have an extra bonus to give away

to people who bought your product or your book.

Finally, my favorite kind of free webinar to run is called

a “pitch webinar.” 

This is where you show your product, 

proof, and system in action, solve a few simple problems for people, 

and then present an offer where they can get what they need. 

You could show the solutions to getting started with real estate, 

for example, and then sell your real estate course at the end. 

Now, you not only have presented your offer live, 

but you can record it and now have a video presentation 

or a video sales letter that you can use again and again.

Here is an Excellent Example...

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