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Investing In Digital Real Estate - Brian M. Hazel

Digital Real Estate - Investing 


brian hazel

My family has been involved with

Investment Real Estate for 67 years . 

Trust me…

There are definitely Real Estate up and down markets, 

as it pertains to residential and commercial property. 

However, I have never experienced a fluctuation  

in the realm of => Digital Real Estate. 

Buying and selling domain names has become a 

huge business and there seems to be no downturn in demand. 

But as with physical real estate, flipping digital real estate 

can only make you money if you can show that your domain 

name has good value to a prospective customer and also

has a great location!

Here are some guidelines to finding great potential domains, 

adding value and developing location, location, location!

You’re not going to find an undiscovered empty storefront for sale

cheap on Rodeo Drive. 

By the same token, you will not be able to snatch up

a great (.com domain)

that’s already ranking on the first page of Google for popular searches. 

But in the digital real estate world, you can potentially

find a bargain empty store front 

in a back alley somewhere, build it into a valuable property and

move it to Main Street!

The first issue is to find a domain that’s already established or 

purchase a new domain that uses a good keyword phrase

as the domain name. 

What’s a “good” keyword phrase? 

Something that targets a relatively small niche 

and has a reasonable number of searches for that phrase, 

yet has low competition to rank on the first page of that phrase.

There are tons of people looking for information on 

investing in domain names.  

Particular keyword phrases can receive over 80,000 searches a month, 

according to the Google keyword analysis tool. 

Getting to the top of page two will do you little good.

It’s page one or nothing.

But can you find a less trafficked domain that can still serve you well? 

How about something with 50 or 100 daily searches 

and low competition? 

If you can get that property on some back alley and develop it, 

you may still have a highly profitable web site to market. 

Let’s try something like ‘Bing” or “Yahoo” or even “AOL”. 

While these phrases won’t generate the hundreds of daily searches 

that your original Rodeo Drive page would, 

the neighborhood is still respectable with between

75 and 112 searches per day at the time of this writing. 

And the first page has domains that are much more vulnerable. 

As long as your domain has some form of these keywords in it 

(even with hyphens or in a different order) 

and it’s,.org TLD, 

you have something you can work with.

Once you have secured that niche domain, (your empty storefront) 

the next step is to make it valuable to both 

human readers and to search engines. 

This is the process of slowly moving your digital real estate from the 

slums to a nice commercial district

(i.e. first page for your keyword phrase). 

This requires two things-

-Good original relevant content


You can install a free WordPress blog and begin to fill it with

good original articles relating to your niche. 

This can be done yourself or you can outsource this work to

contractors on or 

The backlinking comes from posting to outside forums and blogs. 

Again, you can outsource this part as long as you are sure your 

contractor is using good white-hat methods. 

Go ahead and put in a light mix of affiliate links or

build a separate storefront page. 

Post-Panda, you can no longer SEO a page 

that has little content and lots of links. 

Google won’t like that.

Add a Facebook page and a Twitter account that’s integrated 

with the site and soon you will see your authority and 

page ranking rise. 

Again you can outsource the management of

those aspects of the package. 

As the page ranking rises you’ll begin to

see increased organic traffic coming from those searches. 

Soon some affiliate money will begin to flow.

Your Digital Real Estate is now a viable business property

you can offer interested buyers. 

You should have a track record of back links,

increased authority and income. 

This is certainly a marketable commodity. 

A  6 months to a year long investment can yield a sale that 

should on average go for the annual income 

the domain name you would invest in.

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