Friday, July 1, 2016

Video Marketing Techniques - Brian M. Hazel


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One of my favorite Marketing Strategies is => Video Marketing.

Not only are you able to build rapport with all your prospects, 

Video Marketing is Totally Free, 

And thereby Brings in Massive Traffic and Leads.

YouTube is actually one of the top search engines on the internet, 

just add your  keywords as 'tags' and when they are searched,

it’s a great way to get your content in front of your target audience.

The simple reason I really love using video... 

Because ....Hands Down...I know it works !!!

A lot of my current team members have found me through video.  

They got to know me without ever talking to me.

I’ve been using, 

As part of my Total Strategy for Years !!! 

I use Video Marketing to promote everything I’m involved in.  

All you need to do is to create a new channel, do some promotion, 

And.... Boom your Videos Achieve First Page Rankings in no Time.

I initially knew it was important to build a strong 

and lasting foundation. 

It was video marketing that created a solid base of 

Zero Cost, Fresh Flow of  Constant Leads, 

bringing in a solid base of residual income... 

That helped initially sustain my network marketing efforts 

from the start. 

All from people just finding my videos and deciding to join my team.  

They would simply give me a quick call after they joined, 

and I would happily help them get started.  

I’ll tell you…it’s so much easier talking to people who are excited and 

surprised that you are actually taking their calls... 

Instead of YOU calling people, 

who are not in the slightest way interested, 

in what you’re offering.  

You put yourself out there, and people will appreciate you for it.

I mean, honestly, how many business owners do you know...

That make YouTube videos?  

So, since not a lot of people are willing to do it…

It’s a huge 'un-tapped' market. 
It’s such an easy way to get leads, 

I don’t know why more people aren’t doing it.

This is probably my favorite way to get leads

outside of => Blogging and => Solo Ads.  

It just goes to show, 

there are many ways to build this business. 


Practice Makes Perfect.

Use a screen capture program or your smartphone to create the video.

Find your Keywords and do your On Page SEO

Put your keyword in the title at least once, 

at the beginning of the description next to your link.  

Then you should write a short description of

the company/product with similar keywords

all throughout the descriptions.  

Then leave a link back to your channel page or

back to the same video at the bottom.  

Also, pick up to 10 keywords that are similar and put them along with 

your original keywords in the tags section.

Once you have several videos on the first page for different keywords, 

you’ll have a healthy amount of leads flowing in and

you’ll be happy you put in the work.  

The cool thing is, as you make more videos,

you’ll get better and better…

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