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Mobile Advertising Technologies - Brian M. Hazel


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The world is changing all around us. 

Within my living memory the internet itself was born. 

Soon after there was a scramble for businesses
to create websites in order to have a presence online.

Well, the next move is upon us… => Mobile technology.

Stats show us that we are moving more and more mobile. 

How many mobile devices exist in your household?

Diagram 1: Why Mobile Marketing....?!?

The mobile market is Hot, Hot, HOT!

In the same way as you see ads when searching online on your desktop,

it’s possible to place ads on mobile devices. 

And just like it used to
be when Google Adwords began, it’s very, very cheap. 

Clicks are sold for mobile ads at costs as low as .01¢, 

and rarely above 10 cents.

If you have learned any form of advertising, the structure follows a

similar structure, just in a different medium. 

To advertise with mobile you need:

1. A mobile optimized lead capture page 

2. An image 

3. Advertising copy 

 There are several ways to get a 

lead capture page (LCP) converted to mobile. 

This can be done by: 

A third party converter ie: a WordPress plugin, 

or via a lead capture page system with converters included

Tip: do be aware that a slow loading LCP will be detrimental to your

opt ins, so ensure this step gets done correctly. 

***Cutting corners here can be costly because if the load time is slow, 

the user will be less likely to wait around to see it.




Think of the chances of you looking at an SMS received on your phone 

vs an email. 

Text messaging is very cheap !!!

The downfalls are the  ability to collect mobile numbers, and of course, 

the CAN-SPAM laws must be upheld. 

I wouldn’t recommend you consider SMS advertising until you
gain some experience with mobile marketing. 

Another way to approach this is by sending push notifications from an app.

Search Ads are shown on the google platform,

 like we are used to seeing on the desktop computer. 

The major advertising platform to use for this is Google Adwords, 

but still very restrictive for internet marketing, 

home business, and money-making opportunities so be creative when placing your ads! 

(there are ways around this, but that’s another article!)

Web Display Ads are banner images that appear at the top or bottom of the mobile screen, 

and can be targeted (depending on which advertising platform you use)

App Display Ads pop up at the top or bottom of the mobile screen while the user has the app open 

– you’ve probably seen them at some point.

It is recommended to start with Web Display Ads, and App Display Ads, 

which will be explained below.

Advertising Copy Depending on which platform you use, you can use

traditional ad copy, like you would in a Facebook ad, only the number of
characters you can use is much less. 

Writing the advertising copy on mobile means 

you have to be very efficient with your words, as the space is limited. 

Placing banners with an image and some copy on it gains the best results.

There are numerous mobile advertising networks which serve your ads. 

This is a non- exhaustive list:


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