Friday, September 11, 2015

I 'Fell'... Into a 6 Figure Income - Brian M. Hazel


Even with marketing mistakes that led to mass unsubscribing and poor open rates,

I Still can easily Create a True 6 Figure Online Income...

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Mistake  # 1: Forgetting about the buyer needs
We all have different needs. So do all of our subscribers and recipients. Some of your subscribers are affiliates, some – leaders, some are niche-related specialists and some – just interested users. It’s necessary to remember that these people have different needs and wants Segment your lists to get maximum output!

Mistake  # 2: Sending the Same Message to All Contacts
That’s a critical mistake. See, some subscribers receive your messages for months, some – are already loyal customers and some are just 'opting in' to your mailings. It’s a big mistake to give them all the same offers and mailings. Use behavioral segmentation to target your list. The best technique to introduce your content and your offers to a new subscribers is with the chain message technique – this starts with the welcome email, content-introducing, bonus-gift message, survey-message to then learn more about your subscriber – only after these steps should you put him on one of your segmented lists.

Mistake  # 3: Not Adapting a Message
Same actions means the same results – that’s why you need to test your messages and learn from your mistakes, statistics and results. Add changes to subject line, headings, style of the email, design, offers and track changes to improve your email campaigns.

Mistake  # 4: Not Linking to Your Website
First off, email marketing is a great lead and traffic generating tool, and the target is your website, so don’t forget to put links to your website. Be sure the links are working well, and the on-page info is a good fit for your subscribers. Links are like portals, not so many subscribers will go back to your website or email message after clicking a link, so make sure your landing pages are perfect!

Mistake  # 5: Ignoring Mobile Email Readers
More than a half of the recipients will open your message on a mobile device first. Here are 3 scenarios – subscriber remembers your email and opens it once more at work or at home to explore it, the second one opens it and takes action, third is not satisfied with the message and content and completely forgets about your mailing. This is why it’s crucial to optimize your messages for mobile users. 

Mistake  # 6: Sending without a strategy
Always have a strategy. Most recipients unsubscribe for these very simple reasons:
  • Too many emails, or no messages for weeks
  • Irrelevant content
  • Outdated content
  • Lack of offers or bonuses
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