Friday, September 25, 2015

10K Month - With - Social Media– Brian Hazel


We all know how important  Social Media and Social Networks are.

In Promoting => Affiliate Income Producing Programs

As the most comfortable space for all web surfers, on the internet...period.

Such social networks like Facebook or Twitter actually have become 

a home page for many Internet Marketers....Like Myself 

Nowadays, Internet marketing is not just checking websites... 

It’s more like directing boutique level personal and/or corporate P.R Dept.s 

So what does that mean? 

Just one should make your potential customers feel 
as comfortable as can be afforded.
Here, I have prepared 5 Steps... 
1. More Fans, More Followers. Grow Overnight!!!

Fans and followers are the gold of social network accounts. The more you have
 the more you can contact and convert. 
Use all of your social media outlets to 
convert visitors into fans and followers and then stay in touch with them.
This is how corporations “make friends” with consumers

Make them feel comfortable.

Your website looks strange to them...However...Facebook doesn't....

2. Web forms – Conversion Tools.

Have a custom built fan page. 
This will help you to attach the web forms you want 
– email subscription, phone subscription, etc. 
It’s all about a circle 
– visitors become your fans and your fans become your visitors and subscribers.

3. Ask your Visitors to Participate – Email and/or Text You.

Free coupons cost nothing to you. 
 A good choice when you’re thinking about 
creating subscribers at no cost at all. 
Ask your fans and followers to text a custom number
 or email to a custom inbox 
to receive a free Bonus/Report. 
***Have an extremely good bonus prepared for them.

4. Contests, Giveaways and Promotions.

Use contests, polls and giveaways to make your offers more interesting to any cold leads pool.`.

5. Sharing. Go viral.

Offer your leads something really interesting,encouraging them share your content. provide them with another Bonus or Giveaway
.... if the content is shared!!! 

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