Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Outrageous Incomes w/ Applied Cash Flow


Applied Cash Flow Creates Outrageous Incomes

Short and Laconic Email Processing Campaigns <= Are Whats Fueling... 

Outrageous Incomes in Record Time!!!

As you know more and more email marketing specialists advise using short, laconic and focused email

messages instead of large ones.

I always like the emails that are short and easy to understand and take action.
Email messages are sent to return actions and traffic, so the only thing you need is the action from a recipient. Would you read, not even act, a large email full of text? I wouldn’t!
There are 3 main rules of a short and laconic email message... that will convert highly.
1. Single topic – single action. Choose a topic and stick to it, each and every email should be about the single topic only. Whether you want your recipient to reply, purchase, register or visit your offer’s landing page, your email should make that single request only.
2. Second paragraph. I really like the “rule” of the second paragraph. It says that the best place for your call-to-action is the second paragraph. The first on is used catch the recipient’s attention and making him care, and the second paragraph is used for call-to-action. But remember, we’re talking about short and focused emails, so more that 4-5 paragraphs is a bad idea.
3. Be friendly, talk friendly. Even large corporations and market giants talk to their email recipients like they are "long lost" friends, and you should to. Be friendly and talk to your subscribers like they are friends.

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