Monday, August 24, 2015

7 Figure Email Marketing Basics - Brian M Hazel


Hi Guys Brian M. Hazel Here,
 I’ve posted many articles about mistakes in email marketing, and from year to year I see that some mistakes are still actual. 
We, -> Email Marketing Specialists, are the ones who develop and push email marketing, if we make such mistakes we just make the email marketing progress slower. 
I’ve prepared a compilation and explanation of 3 email marketing mistakes that most marketers still make.
1.  One message to reach them all. All the people and people of different niches have different needs. If you send the same message to executive/company holder and specialist/employee then one of them receives irrelevant message and offer.
2. Messages with no links. How can you expect some action and output if you don’t provide a recipient with a chance to act? Also, too many links may get your email banned by spam-filters. 1-3 links is enough.
3. Non mobile-friendly messages. No matter how informative and good your message and offer is, if your prospects can’t read it on a smartphone or tablet PC, it’s not going to be read. 
Keep this in mind!

A huge percentage of emails are opened on mobile phones and tablet PCs !

I personally use email marketing as my primary source of marketing methods.
Leveraging = >Applied  Winning

...with Email marketing 

Produces Massive Daily Cash Flow,

And...a HUGE Monthly Residual Income.

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