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Residual Income - 2016 - Brian Hazel


As the spring of 2016 is in its final stages...

I think it’s the right time to think about -> Residual IncomeTrends for 2016. 

The Good News is that Email Marketing is Thriving. 

It is still considered to be the Most Cultivated and Widespread Online Income Tool. 

As of today, there are 3.3 billion registered email users. 

By the end of  2016, the number of registered emails will reach 4.3 billion!
93% of online users in the US are subscribed to email newsletters and receive at minimum one email with their consent each day. 91% of consumers check their email at least once a day.

75% of social media users consider email to be the best way to engage with companies. What can be done here? It is advisable to integrate social networks with email.

Social sharing buttons are of highest importance for email marketing newsletters. They should be put at the very top of email. Take care of the creative copy and a link that will be shared after clicking on a “Share” button.
66% of users in the US made a purchasing decision after receiving an offer by email, and 64% of them read emails on mobile devices.
The annual volume of B2C emails will reach record levels in 2015, according to Forrester Research’s US email marketing forecast for 2011-2016.

Half of US businesses today allocate about 20% of their marketing budgets to email marketing. 56% of businesses increased their email marketing budgets this year.
What conclusion can be made here? The rapid development of mobile technologies has breathed a new life into email marketing.

According to statistics provided by Litmus, 66% of Gmail opens are made on mobile devices, and only 19% of Gmail letters are opened on desktop computers. Generally speaking, the numbers here are equally impressive. 48% of all sent emails are read on mobile devices.

 But it should be noted that to succeed here, a letter must be optimized: according to the return path statistics, 63% of US mobile users claim to delete non-optimized emails from their mobile device without reading them.
An email must provide a multi-device experience, as the statistics above show that nearly half of all letters sent are opened on mobile devices.

And what about the other half?

Apparently the thing is about desktops here.
In 2015, considering email in terms of “mobile” and “non-mobile” is inappropriate. We can’t predict on which device a message will be opened.

The variety of devices is very wide: smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops. And a single email must be displayed correctly on all of these devices.
And as for the content it must be qualitative more than ever. There is no place for spam anymore.
Since 2010 spam volume has started to decrease and by 2012 the spam rate was 68% which 21% lower compared to 2010. Now everything is about content and personalization.
41% of users buy for the second time if they receive recommendations based on their past behaviors.
15-25% of letters increase in sales if it contains personalized product recommendations.
And at last here are some tactical advices for the coming year 2016:
  • Drive email opt-ins from social pages
If you want to increase email conversion rates then email opt-ins must implemented on all social pages devoted to your business
  • Implement cross-channel campaigns
In order to fully engage consumers marketers have to implement solutions that embody all the marketing channels, which are websites, email, social media, video, mobile.
  • Use video to drive customer engagement
Today there is a boom of online video marketing. 70% of B2B marketers use a form of online video with their strategies for customer engagement.
  • Drive customers to Pinterest via email
Pinterest continues to grow and more and more businesses considering this tool as a primary platform to generate sales. For the last two years the number of orders generated from pins increased by four times.


As always, the ever changing industry forces us to adapt.

The next year holds a lot of surprises for email marketers,

but that’s who we are so we have to try to be ready for them and adapt as soon as possible.
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