Wednesday, August 12, 2015

$519.17+ / Day - Action Plan - Brian M. Hazel


We all know that  Email Marketers  = Make a Literal Fortune 

However, even as simple as it is... 

Sometimes they Forget about Daily / Weekly mailings.. 

...And lose touch with their subscribers. 

 Here is a 5 Step Process on how to Jump Start your 

Mailings and Fix your Sender - Recipient relationship.

1. Re- Introduce yourself
Even if your mailings contained corporate style, logos, custom design,                                                

you need to re-introduce yourself and make sure your subscribers know who you are. 
Here are few points to include in your re-start mailing:
1. Corporate style, design, logo
2. Introduce yourself as a person
3. Remind your subscribers of what your company does
4. Remind your subscribers of how they subscribed
2. Explain what happened
It’s always good to explain what happened. Include few sentence                                                     regarding the reason and how sad it is to lose a contact. Here are few tips to mention:
1. You realize your fault
2. The value of what you were sending, like...                                                                                               “It’s been awhile since you got News/Offers/Something Else from us/me”
3. Your will definitely avoid this problem in the future
3. Include the unsubscribe link
Respect your recipients and allow them to unsubscribe if they want to. You can even say something like this –
“It’s really sad I haven’t emailed you for a long time and I will totally understand if you want to unsubscribe now, but if you stay on the list I promise to provide you with the best offers and news only”
4. Provide subscribers with the best content
After you apologized you need to regain your respect                                                                               – the best way is to provide recipients with the most valuable content you have. 
This can be:
1. Good gift
2. Really big discount (50% and more)
3. Free subscription or membership for a week/month
3. Some good info-product (free ebook, free webinar, etc.)
5. Set expectations
Promises are good, proofs are better. Provide your subscribers with                                                       a plan you created where they see what they can expect from you. Include the following:
1. Hot topics you will discuss in future
2. Teasers or trailers of your new products/product versions/etc.
3. Set the mailing frequency expectations

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