Thursday, June 16, 2016

Brian M Hazel - My 46 Minute Workday - REVEALED

REVEALED - My 46 Minute Workday - Brian M. Hazel


brian hazel

There is always going to come a time where 

mathematics determines => Online Income Success.

After all of the 'hype' and , all of the 'bells and whistles'

It really come down to Net profits and 

the duration of time it takes to create those profits.

Spending Hours Online Each Day with Zero Income to show for it...

seems rather silly to me.

I try to spend not more than 46 minutes a day to create 

what most Online Marketers tell me is Massive Success !

I check my Paypal every morning when I awaken to 

calculate the number of overnight sales.

Based on my sales, I determine how much paid trafffic I will order that day.  

I order paid traffic Everyday - Solo Ads Only

This takes typically 5 - 7 Minutes.

I then head out to the gym.

Return, have breakfast, update my Blogs and Social Media Platforms,

and answer emails.

It is usually about 10:45 am 

and I have invested another 35 minutes.

I am usually done by 11 am and typically have the rest of my day free !!! 

After after a 6pm dinner I will check my Paypal again 

and if I feel I need to order more paid traffic I will do so.

No Social Media updating unless.. I am out, bored and am playing on my phone.

That's it...Period.

I run => Applied Cash Flow  as a Front End / List Builder and Daily Positive ROI

Cash Creator with a =>My Lead System Pro  Residual Income Multiplier.

I then anchor my whole system with a 

long term High Quality Digital Informational Product,

that provides real world brick and mortar skill sets.

My Average Daily Gross ROI - 79%

Surrounding this equation with a very aggressive attraction marketing campaign would

enable an even greater yield.

I would recommend this to a newbie with some basic skills.

As, complete newbies seem to struggle with the concept of paid advertising.


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