Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My 46 Minute Workday - Brian M. Hazel - Official Press Release

My 46 Minute Workday 


brian hazel

Finally It's Done !!!

This is an Official Press Release,

For the launching of my latest book => My 46 Minute Workday

In my latest offering, I actually document my online journey

from beginning until present day.

I detail how I started with just my laptop,

surfing 'the web'... from my kitchen table.

I reveal to you my confusion

initially understanding internet marketing and,

my periodical feelings of possibly quitting.

Thank God I Didn't !!!

I explain to my readers my deep rooted motivation

as well as what 'traps' not to get stuck in

during your own online journeys.

I have written several technical pieces earlier however,

they are more mathematical in that they are more theory related.

It's very easy to chronicle success in terms of numbers.

I feel the insight into the mindset included in any successful endeavor,

is usually a missing link that should be

included in any completely documented formula.

I waited to create the time and space for this writing.

My earlier efforts have been more of an attempt to deliver 

winning strategies that my team members

could immediately implement.

I reached a point were I felt,

if my all of my writings were connected as if they were dots,

success would be eminent.

In reaching the level I have in this industry,

I knew it was time to begin to 'give back.'

The Network Marketing community as a whole,

has been very gracious to me.

It entered my life at exactly the right time.

Although like anyone,  I did encounter my share of struggles

it ultimately delivered the lifestyle that it promised.

I wrote this book to hopefully shorten the time

that it takes anyone to accomplish

the true meaning of => Time / Freedom.

The ability to create a full time income.

I personally define a full time income as...

One that allows me to comfortably live in the suburban home I own.

Own several luxury / other  vehicles.

Ability to vacation at will.

Cover all of my monthly expenses, while being able to aggressively make

investments to hedge against any economic downturns.

All while at this point, spending only '46 Minutes a Day'

At my computer!

As always I hope my efforts will help someone else...

Never to relinquish their dreams !!!

The Network Marketing Industry will,

Give you back exactly what you put into it... In multiples


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