Saturday, June 11, 2016

Applied Cash Flow - Leverage Email Marketing - Brian M. Hazel

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Email Marketing - Applied Cash Flow - Brian M. Hazel


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Email marketing is by far the best way to promote => Your Online Business

My experiences in testing => Applied Cash Flow 

Have completely proven this to be true over and over again

Email accounts are as personal and unique as your phone number.
Email correspondence is the preferred way for corporate/personal information to be exchanged. 

Here is a short excerpt from Email Statistics Report with a Forecast for 2015-2016. 
  • The number of worldwide email accounts is projected to increase from over 2.9 billion in 2014, to over 4.8 billion by 2016.
  • In 2014, 75% of all email accounts will belong to consumers, and 25% to corporate users. This ratio is expected to stay fairly constant over the next four years, with corporate email accounts growing slightly to about 26% of the total number of accounts by 2016.
  • The majority of email accounts, today, are free or low-cost consumer ISP/Webmail accounts.
  • The average number of email accounts per user ratio is expected to remain even at roughly 1.6 accounts per user over the next four years.
  • Geographically, in 2015, the majority of email users are located in Asia/Pacific (47%). Europe accounts for about 23% of all users, North America has about 14%, and the Rest of the World has around 16% of all users.
  • In 2015, the typical corporate user sends and receives about 110 messages daily. Roughly 18% of emails received is spam, comprising both actual spam and “graymail” (i.e. unwanted newsletters, alerts, etc.).
  • While users mostly see spam as an annoyance, for corporations it is a considerable expense. According to our projections, a typical 1,000-user organization can spend upwards of $3.0 million a year to fight and manage spam.
  • Instant Messaging (IM) is also growing in popularity with both corporate and consumer users, we estimate that there will be nearly 2.4 billion IM accounts worldwide in 2015, growing to just over 4.5 billion by 2016.
  • Social Networking has seen explosive growth in the last 18 months and by year-end 2010 we expect to see nearly 2.2 billion social networking accounts worldwide comprising both consumer and business accounts. By 2016 this is expected to grow to nearly 5.7 billion accounts worldwide.
  • Wireless email accounts including both enterprise and consumer accounts total about 607 million in 2015, and will grow rapidly over the next four years to 2.4 billion accounts worldwide.

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