Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Science of Daily Profits - Brian M. Hazel


brian hazel

This week the program => Applied Cash Flow

Has completely been my focus.

I am using the concepts of driving

massive traffic and leads to create

a mathematical equation of Perpetual Profitability. 

I will explain:

The front end conversions delivered by the 'done-for-you' sales funnel,

consistently provides a net profit gain.

I then re-purchase paid traffic (solo ads) offered through the in-house

traffic source with the base of my gross profit.

I use the net margins of my profit as my Daily Personal Income.

this allows for constant additions to my subscriber list.

I actually will experience leads and new subscribers

being added to my list  24 hours a day 7 Days a week.

It never stops!

I then create a relevant to the times daily broadcast that characteristically

includes a positive quote for the day.

I let my pre-recorded autoresponder messages do all of the days selling.

This has to be the easiest way to build a responsive list.

I only use Solo Ads to Promote.

I feel this is the most efficient way in terms of the labor involved in terms

of the learning curve, in understanding other high volume traffic sources.

(I am only interested in Mega-High Volume Traffic Sources.)

One would have to determine how much their time is worth. 

The pricing of solo ads would be a factor as well.

With $97 just on the front end at $63/click,

I can perpetually build my list,

as well as to create a Multi 6 figure Income

with-out any true out of pocket expense.

*I maximize my purchasing of clicks in 24 hour intervals. 

This is does not even take into account

the residual income aspects of the funnel.

You Do the Math!

If you are into Internet Marketing and only want to

apply your time to realize exponential growth.

This is most certainly ->(Your Solution)

P.S. Enjoy Network Marketing for the Lifestyle it was meant to Create!

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