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Multiple Streams of Income - The Logistics - Brian M Hazel


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The Term Multiple Streams of =>Income

is thrown around in this

industry so much that it has become passe.

Many ask how I can manage

several opportunities at one time effectively.

This discussion takes us

to a more logical decision to do this,

rather than to not...the more you examine it.

When investing for the long term many people choose to

invest in mutual funds rather than in just one or two stocks.

This is very wise as it spreads your risk, as economies and buying trends

constantly change.

rather than just relying on the performance of One.

How do I do this.

I use the tried and tested approach of the assembly line.

We are all familiar how Henry Ford used this method many years ago to

help revolutionize the production of automobiles.

I start with the research of a product or program by personally testing it. 

I purchase every product I am interested in re-selling or endorsing as if I were 

my own customer.

I follow all of the given directions and record the results in terms of ease of use 

and ROI.

If the product/program seems to be too difficult for the average person

with basic computer skills I note that and continue.

I then move the product/program to my next 'station' to promote it.

This would involve all of the suggested advertising methods.

I again track the realized revenues or the lack there of.

The final station is where I attack the product with

I again note the results and determine whether or not the program is

worthy, in terms of time and resources needed to create a suitable profit.

The more difficult a program is to operate translates into the more

customer service I will have to attach.

Meaning personal attention to training as I provide full support for

anything I promote-personally.

In conclusion, If I am endorsing => A Program/Product -

I have personally tested it and have found the results to be

positive financially.

Henry Ford did not build all the cars himself and was aided by a team.

I employ help to manage my assembly line and line up of programs as


This is the only way I feel this is done effectively. 

Attaching my brand =>(Brian M. Hazel) to a program or programs 

means something more than just attempting to collect more checks.

It is the difference between building a REAL BUSINESS and operating a 'scheme'.

My Personal Specialty Is...

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